Hacker reveals Whatsapp’s big security Flaw

Whatsapp is starting to pick up some big news this year, first the acquisition then the sudden blackout and now this.Bas Bosschert, an IT specialist from the Netherlands, claims that any app can look into the chat history of whatsapp. The fact that whatsapp backs up your data on the SD card means that any app with the permission to access your SD card can also access your whatsapp folder. The only thing the app has to be able to do is interpret the Backup file and after that it’s just a matter of uploading your data to the app’s server. The IT specialist has a blog post up that shows exactly how one can create such an app.

Bosschert said in an email to Business Insider,

“People would only see a loading screen when they started the game,They wouldn’t notice that their WhatsApp database has been uploaded.”

Security breaches such as the one outlined in Bosschert’s post can be easily avoided by verifying an app’s source and carefully reading an app’s permissions before installing.

Source: Business InsiderBosschert’s blog



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